Master Ravi Shankar has a 27 years of teaching experience in Taekwondo, Karate & Judo, He is an International Bronze Medalist.


4TH DAN BLACK BELT (National Master Referee)

Vice President (Amateur Taekwondo Federation of India)


Although many types of martial arts are prevalent in different countries of the world, But the most popular martial art of fighting with hands and feet is TAEKWONDO. With the intention of increasing physical and mental strength, the root of art began 37 B.C from Korea. The name Taekwondo derived from the Korean word " TAE" meaning foot, "KWON" meaning fist and "DO" meaning art . Taekwondo is characterized by various type of powerful kicks attacking to opponent by moving in the air in spinning form due to which Taekwondo has dominated the International arena compared to other styles of martial arts.

The main objective of its training is to provide physical and mental strength to the student. This is prominence an art of healing that's why every students should pay attention to the strengthen of their back, legs and hip, Also flexibility of body has a major role to kick in high speed over maximum height. In this art Kicks are prominence divide in two part Straight Kicks and Spinning Kicks.

The biggest specialty of Taekwondo is its disciplined family atmosphere. Any type of intoxication is strictly prohibited and also no one has freedom to abuse. Whenever a new player comes to join taekwondo, he/she gets the status of the youngest member in the family. Teacher is always the head of that family and this ideology applies to all the member without any type of differentiation of gender or caste.

The learner of Taekwondo should always pay special attention to his/her health and diet and should always consume nutritious food in their food so that his/her healthy and strong agility is also maintained. Practitioner should add Protein, Vitamin, Fat, Carbohydrate and Calories in their diet as per their physical requirement. For example an active person should intake carbohydrate and fat rich food but the pregnant woman and child need to intake Protein, Vitamin and Calcium rich food in their diet.

The competition of Taekwondo take place in 8 mtr x 8 mtr square court. This size of court is recognized by National and International bodies. The floor of court is made up of rubber or wood approved by recognized board. During the competition the player's follow a particular rules to attack each other. Players should wear chest guard, head guard, groin guard etc, during fight. However students should also trained for use of their knowledge of martial art only for self defense if required necessary, so they can defend himself/herself from criminals etc. This type of training makes players not only physical strong but also mental strong and can also face the difficulties of life more easily. These training also increase immunity in the body. In general no players consume drugs or intoxication in any age. In this way we can say the "TAEKWONDO" is a complete art.

Ravi Shankar